back to square one, realizing the existing problem for the ever occurring situation; from that moment I knew I am not ready, by allowing it to begin again would just be a catastrophe. I'd rather hurt you honestly, than mislead you with a lie. By considering so much external factors before reassuring the truth, it is not a truth that is crystal-cleared as seen. Perhaps, that was right. & it wouldn't be right again.


do you have to let it linger ? tired of this; yes karma has no recipe, you eat what you deserved. its not over, not over. it should be ceased, theoretically yet arduous practically. If you, if you could return, don't let it burn, don't let it fade.


long long time ago; the start of something good.


the decision

for the first time
i made such a decision ,hastily?
i left CHONG HWA without accomplishing my senior 3,left my beloved friends behind,left everything that i may gain in this daunting but fruitful senior 3.

college life is indeed different,compared to the hectic life in high school;
leaving an environment which was so familiar to somewhere which comprise abundance of uncertainties
i reminiscing those critical moments i made the decision;
perhaps i was really out of my mind & out of the blue.

from another perspective,
maybe its another alternative runaway from CH's exhausting life;

my first semester in college commenced 3 weeks ago, which was the day i officially left school and got my school leaving cert,without alarming anyone of you beforehand in advance.
composed with different types of mixed feelings,having a lot of feelings to express to all of you.

yenyee ;
closest friend ever,bt we seem so near yet so far ,time spent together more emphasized on quality nt quantity XD as years rolled by we both get busier and busier each year, bt out bonding is still there <3
perhaps,i should really apologise to you,as i left earlier than what i thought too,due to my abrupt decision.
time elapses,but what remains still remains , in-depth every inch of what we've gone through together(:
jiayous & all the best for pursuing your dreams no matter where
you're a great one undeniably (:

rou ;
the most blissful girl at the moment ahahhahah
out of my expectation too honestly XD
you're a perfect GOD too, my matured rou that will never let me worry much, you're one of a kind, a great listener,an enthusiastic mate :D
i'm sure you have your mind of your own, need not any guidance ;P
hahahah tell me when it's your 10th million germs passing by XD

fishhy ;
we knew each other quite coincidentally, we've spent time in abundance,those moments you slept-over, hanging out etc
you are one of my girls that makes me proud,a brave and courageous one indeed (:
never ever doubt yourself when you did your best,i'm sure my lines will reverberate around your ears which is needless to be mentioned now :P
i still remember your reaction when i texted you that i was leaving school,
be strong girl,as you may ,the mighty fishy (:

ru ; yoonghao ;onion
yz; deep ; kel; lcb; woody; sik; elaine; mao
holy; zhiyien ; & much more to be mentioned

...... to be continued (:




there much more to be marked down,listed down or imprinted .
but all of them are more than words and feelings
its pure like an crystal,
lights that shimmers unceasingly.

perhaps,one day;
when we gathered again ; after 10 years?:D

the song was touching,that meant everything.
inside each and every of our hearts,we never known how to express our different feelings,unless those moments.
they're precious.

inadvertently, rearrangements needed,emotionally & biologically.
we,you,they never knew.




touched isn't a feeling sufficient enough to describe the marvelous time we had
From the first time we met each other;
from nonentity to trustworthy ;
from nothing to everything .

a path we had embarked together .

the question is still bugging me.